If our urban environments can be viewed as the evolving product of our social values merged with technology over time, could we then imagine blending today’s values and technologies as a way to envision the future? The projects in this section—the “urbanistic imaginations”—are geared towards sparking new ideas and discourse about the types of futures our cities might be facing. They are intentionally less grounded in practical realities to initiate more ambitious ideas and deeper discussions. As this exhibition travels to other cities, this section will grow to include a larger collection of urbanistic imaginations.


Autonomous Block


Autonomous Block integrates autonomous dolly robots with moveable streetscape furniture and mobile program typologies to transform a conventional street into an adaptive public realm that can dynamically respond to various urban and social demands of a 21st-century city.


Fuel Cell Futurisms

op.AL & Bureau 0-1

Fuel Cell Futurism suggests a new urban energy landscape for Tokyo that combines infrastructure with public space for a sustainable shared future economy.


Augmented Reality City

Simplex Architecture

Augmented Reality City is an imaginative scenario of Seoul where the integration of augmented reality (AR) into eyewear has become the norm and the distribution of information is customized through the AR system.